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If you're looking for a good way to relax, having your own hot tub is ideal. However, if you want something bigger that can provide much more than just relaxation, then pools are what's best!

The idea of having a swimming pool at home is overwhelming - that finally, you could get to experience vacation quickly and simply in your own home.

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However, as much as we love the idea of "having a good time," we can't escape the responsibility that comes with it. It's not that a swimming pool is built and can be used forever without cleaning or changing the water.

Without pool cleaning, proper maintenance, and care, a pool can become a breeding ground for contaminants such as bacteria and fungi.

These contaminants pose a threat to an individual's health.

Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs), including symptoms such as ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory infections, rashes, and inflamed lungs & eyes, can develop when pools get dirty over time.

Fortunately, it can always be avoided through regular cleaning and maintenance.

Regular pool maintenance requires extensive time, knowledge, expertise, and the right equipment. Unless you have all of these, you might want to stick to your DIY routine.

If not, holding off on your DIY plan and hiring pool experts in El Dorado Hills, Ca, is your best option.

Reasons To Hire Best Pool Service El Dorado Hills, Ca | Aquamarine Pools

With a pool comes maintenance, cleaning, chemicals, and all sorts of things to take care of. There is no way that you, as the homeowner, can handle everything your pool needs throughout the entire year without hiring a pool company.

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Hiring a pool company will keep your family safe from harmful water conditions, help create an inviting atmosphere for pool parties and get-togethers, and make it possible for you to enjoy your swimming pool when you have time off from work or on the weekends.

To keep your pool clean and safe, keep reading to discover more about why hiring a pool company in El Dorado Hills, Ca, is a definite choice.

Save More Time

You may think that you can save time by doing the work on your own, but the pool experts in El Dorado Hills, Ca, from Aquamarine Pools, makes it possible for you to save more time than going through all of the steps yourself.

Not only does a pool company take a load off your plate, but it also ensures that everything is done right, so your family receives the best possible pool experience.

It is possible to work out a plan with your pool experts in El Dorado Hills, Ca, from Aquamarine Pools, where we do specific tasks each week or month so that you can have more time for yourself.

Reduce Maintenance Workload

The workload of maintaining your backyard oasis disappears when you hire Aquamarine Pools in El Dorado Hills, Ca.

It becomes more manageable and less time-consuming to enjoy your pool without putting in a ton of effort to keep everything running smoothly.

You won't have to worry about doing tasks like scrubbing the pool tiles, testing the pH levels, or even vacuuming because these are all things that a pool company in El Dorado Hills, Ca, takes care of.

Our certified pool cleaner will thoroughly clean your pool without breaking a sweat. And that's one of the good things about hiring a pool company.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Pool services in El Dorado Hills, Ca, from Aquamarine Pools, only use natural, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep your family safe while protecting the environment.

We use various types of chlorine that are not harsh on human skin or the environment, so you don't have to feel guilty about letting your children and pets play in the pool after a professional cleaning.

Visible Results

These days, more people prefer to have pool services in El Dorado Hills, Ca, from Aquamarine Pools because it provides visible results that you can see.

Many people do not take pride in their pool and only change the water once every few years, but a pool service in El Dorado Hills can help you save a ton of money on pool chemicals while creating the cleanest possible pool environment.

Not only will your family be able to enjoy your pool, but you'll feel confident knowing that it looks just as good as it did when you first opened up the backyard.

No Over-Chlorination

Over-chlorination is a problem many pool owners face. Still, it can be avoided using the right chemicals and taking advantage of professional pool service in El Dorado Hills, Ca.

Our team will recommend what chemicals you should use to balance out the different factors in your pool, so you won't have to worry about over-chlorination or under-chlorination ever again.

With Aquamarine Pools, you can expect the cleanest swimming pool every time.

Not only will everyone be safe from harmful water conditions, but you'll also enjoy spending time in your backyard, knowing that all of the necessary tasks have been completed by professionals.

Our team is committed to helping you create a hygienic pool that meets all your needs while saving more time for the rest of your life.

Reduce Chlorine Usage

Without proper guidance from El Dorado Hills, Ca, pool experts, homeowners are forced to use too many chemicals to keep their pool water safe and clean.

This can cause the water to become cloudy and irritated, but that doesn't have to be the case when you work with our team.

We provide a wide range of chlorine and pH-balancing chemicals explicitly made for homeowners' use so that they can keep their pool running efficiently without having to purchase too many products at once.

Our pool cleaner is skilled in applying chemicals, making it a lot safer than you doing the job.

Easy Water Testing Process

Balancing the water in your pool is a full-time job, and it can become extremely tough without professional help.

You don't have to worry about constantly testing the water when you work with our team because we care for everything for you.

All you have to do is call us and let us know what type of test you would like to have done for your pool. We'll provide you with accurate information about the water so that you can make any necessary changes.

While professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance in El Dorado Hills, Ca, from Aquamarine Pools, takes care of all the dirty work, you can sit back and relax knowing that your pool is running efficiently.

Our team is trained to handle all pool tasks necessary for a healthy swimming environment, so you can enjoy spending time in the backyard without worrying about possible safety hazards.

Avoid Expensive Damages

One of the most common reasons to work with our team is that it can help you avoid expensive damages.

Without a cleaning professional checking up on your pool, you don't know when to change the water.

This can cause high chlorine levels, making the walls and even the bottom of your pool degrade and flake.

With pool service in El Dorado Hills, Ca, from Aquamarine Pools, you don't have to worry about spending thousands of extra dollars on expensive pool replacements.

Our team works with a range of different chemicals that are more suitable for less-intensive cleaning needs so that everyone can enjoy their pool without having to over-use any products.

Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy

A dirty pool full of chemicals can be hazardous for everyone.

When you work with our pool service team, we will give you a general idea about how often the water in your swimming environment should be cleaned.

This allows you to spend less time worrying about the condition of the water and more time enjoying it with your loved ones.

Having pool maintenance and service in El Dorado Hills, Ca, from Aquamarine Pools creates a healthy and safe swimming environment.

Our team is trained to work with various chemicals, so you can spend less time worrying about the cleanliness of your pool and more time soaking up the sun.

Protect Your Investment

One of the best reasons to work with our pool service team is that it provides you with peace of mind.

Everyone should have access to a clean pool, but it's vital to keep your water safe and clean for those who can't afford extensive pool repairs or replacements.

By regularly maintaining your pool's condition, you won't have to worry about it breaking down when you need it the most.

This can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your pool is always ready to go when you have guests coming over for a barbecue or even just an afternoon swim.

Enjoy Vacation

When you work with our pool service team, it's easy to have your pool designed like a vacation destination.

Not only can we provide you with the supplies you need to keep the water in your pool up and running at all times, but we also know how to create an efficient swimming environment for everyone who wants to take a dip.

Our pool cleaners are trained to handle all types of pools and can even teach you how to maintain your swimming environment for added convenience.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a vacation if you work with our team because it's just as relaxing at home.

If the previous pool company did not meet your expectation, we're here to accomplish it for you.

Do We Recommend DIY Pool Service or Maintenance?

There is so much information that is readily available online that can make you think of doing pool maintenance yourself. But we do not encourage doing it yourself.

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You should never do a DIY pool cleaning, as professional pool service is crucial to keeping your pool clean and safe. Why?
Unclean pools place people at risk for diseases like Legionnaires' Disease, cryptosporidiosis, and the flu. Instances of illness from dirty pools are on the rise, which means you should get your pool serviced more often.

You can get sick as you start to clean the pool without knowing that these diseases are floating in the water. This could happen when cleaning a dirty pool at first glance.

Keeping your pool clean and safe can be a full-time job for homeowners, making it difficult to maintain other areas of the home.

The best pool service provider in El Dorado Hills understands the dangers that unclean waters can pose to people and will ensure your pool is always safe.

Professionally trained pool technicians from Aquamarine Pools can clean pools in no time, with the same level of care you would expect from a private pool maintenance team.

Pools need regular cleaning for safety and health reasons, leaving homeowners no choice but to hire an expert pool service.

To keep your pool safe, clean, and healthy year-round, schedule a pool cleaning with the best pool service in El Dorado Hills, Ca, today!
Our service area includes El Dorado Hills, California, and surrounding areas.
Homeowners needing pool experts can find the best pool services in El Dorado Hills, Ca, by calling (530) 558-2588 now!

Why should you choose Aquamarine Pools over other pool services in El Dorado Hills, Ca, and surrounding areas?

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Our team of pool cleaners is made up of pros dedicated to making your pool sparkling clean!

Free your worries and expect a thorough and exceptional job from us!

Need weekly pool service? We can do exactly what you need!

And we got all the necessary equipment to clean your pools effectively.

There are many pool companies in the area but finding the perfect one is tricky.

There is no need to look further if you're looking for a reliable, expert, and experienced pool company.

Because we checked all the boxes!

With Aquamarine Pools' pool services in El Dorado Hills, California, and surrounding areas, whether it's pool cleaning or maintenance services, we do a fantastic job of keeping swimming pools clean and safe!

Like your pool pump, Aquamarine Pools functions as the heart of your swimming pool. We ensure that everything gets done efficiently and with quality in mind so you can enjoy a safe water environment for yourself and your loved ones to swim in.

Services offered:

Pool Maintenance

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Pool Solar

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Pool Equipment & Repair

Pool Equipment Repair - El Dorado Hills

Our goal is to help homeowners professionally clean their pools for families and friends to enjoy.

All you need for excellent service, Aquamarine Pools has it.

So, what's next?

Let our pool service team handle all your pool issues! Contact us for comprehensive swimming pool solutions.

Get the support you need anytime, anywhere. Whether after hours or on the weekend, our remarkable and superior customer service is available to assist in any way we can.

Please call us anytime if you have questions about our pricing or want to ask about our pool services.

Our phone number is (530) 558-2588. Call us for immediate assistance.
Our location is 2862 Aquamarine Cir Rescue, CA 95672.

Service Area Includes:

Frequently Asked Pool Service Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There's nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool on an especially hot day. The water is cool, and you can relax with your friends or family while being cooled off by its surface. You might not want to spend all of your time cleaning up after it though - some people find themselves spending as much $3-5K per year just for basic upkeep!

It takes much more than just adding chlorine to keep your pool pristine- in fact, this only lasts about two hours! Per week is the minimum advised for most pools; each one can require circulation, cleaning chemicals (depending on what type of filter you have), and an occasional touch up with pH balance or algaecide treatment. A dirty pool will look cloudy at best- but by running circulate pumps at least 10-12 hours a day while using appropriate filters during these times.

You should monitor your chlorine and pH levels at least once a week, or every day if your pool is in high use. Total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels can be monitored less frequently.

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