Fall Pool Maintenance Tips from EL Dorado’s Leading Pool Services Company


Fall Pool Maintenance Tips from EL Dorado’s Leading Pool Services Company

The weather is cooling down, implying that the gorgeous summer season is coming to an end! It's that time of year when beautiful leaves start falling everywhere, including in and around your pool.

Though pool cleaning is a year-round task, it demands a little more attention during the fall season. You need to remove leaves and maintain your pool throughout the winter season to keep it sparkling clean. Your ignorance in skimming the leaves and debris off can lead to the formation of algae, which will hurt the overall appearance of a healthy pool. 

To avoid all the chaos, check out these vital fall pool maintenance tips from El Dorado's leading pool services company - these will make your winter preparation a lot easier. 

7 Fall Pool Maintenance Tips You Should Follow!

  • Remove the Leaves & Debris

First, you need to ensure that your pool is debris free. Leaves tend to accumulate so fast in the pool as fall sets in; at the same time, algae starts to grow. If you fail to clean the pool soon, the leaves will skink, staining the pool's floor.

To avoid more damage, it's safe to clean the pool regularly. You can skim the leaves out each morning using a leaf net. Otherwise, you might end up with a green pool when you allow the debris to settle down the pool. Ensure that you are also cleaning your skimmer baskets frequently to keep them in mint condition.

  • Keep the Pool Covered

Keeping your pool covered during fall will save you time and effort. By covering the pool, you ensure that the leaves do not fall into it or stick inside – This gives you an easy time cleaning it.

Covering also helps prevent water from evaporating. It also keeps off items that could react negatively with chlorine. Even though covered, you need to inspect the pool to ensure no sharp objects will create holes.

  • Clean the Pool Filter

You also need to clean the pool filter before fall starts. You need to prepare it for the upcoming work it will have to deal with as temperature falls and debris increases. If you use a cartridge filter, replace or clean it. Sand and diatomaceous earth filters require backwashing.

  • Check the Pools Chemicals

The number of chemicals used in the swimming pool during fall is significantly lower than those required in summer - So reduce them! If you are covering the pool for winter, make sure you throw away any remaining chemical products.

  • Repair the Cracks

If there is any chipping and cracking in the pool, ensure you repair it before winter. During this time, the damage can be extensive, which is pretty costly to repair. With cracks around the pool, they allow moisture in, and as the fall season begins, the temperature drops, causing deeper cracks. So fix the gaps as soon as you identify them to avoid further damage.

  • Get Ready for the Early Freeze

Areas with colder climates may experience the winter freeze early. This calls for partial or complete winter freezing; the pool will save you from the unexpected.

  •  Clean The Pools Floor

Cleaning the floor of your pool is a great fall maintenance tip. Get to the bottom and vacuum it thoroughly before covering it up. It's also essential to clean the surroundings to ensure no dirt enters the pool once the inside is spotless.

If you live in El Dorado, get your pool ready for the fall season by following the above maintenance tips. When in doubt about the correct way to clean your pool or prepare it for winter, save yourself the hassle by contacting Aquamarine Pool Service. We provide superior pool services to keep this space looking great and clean. Reach out to us today and get your pool fall-ready!

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