Here’s Why You Should Install Pool Covers For The Swimming Pool In Your Home!

Here’s Why You Should Install Pool Covers For The Swimming Pool In Your Home!

Here’s Why You Should Install Pool Covers For The Swimming Pool In Your Home!

Homes in America especially in affluent areas like El Dorado Hills are often equipped with indoor or outdoor swimming pools. A swimming pool surely increases the prestige of a home but at the same time, it adds to the ownership cost of the property.

Adding an automated or manual swimming pool cover can help homeowners to reduce the maintenance costs of their swimming pool. Apart from that, one can also enjoy a myriad of benefits when they install a swimming pool cover.

Some of those benefits are as follows – 

Pool covers add a layer of safety to the pool area

According to the CEO of a company that offers certified professional pool cleaners in El Dorado Hills, homeowners who choose to add swimming pool covers made using a mesh of fiberglass will add a layer of safety to the pool area. 

Swimming pool covers made using fiberglass mesh are sturdy enough to keep toddlers, pets and even grown people from accidentally falling into the pool. To put things in perspective, certain swimming pool covers are sturdy enough to sustain weights of up to four hundred pounds per square foot.

Sure such swimming pool covers will be quite heavy which is why these covers would need to be paired with an automatic track system. Hence, calling in the professionals for the job will be a great idea.

Pool covers can arrest pool water loss by reducing evaporation

According to experts associated with revered pool solar companies in El Dorado Hills, swimming pools of homes in El Dorado Hills often lose a lot of water during the summer season due to evaporation. Adding a swimming pool cover to outdoor swimming pools can help homeowners to reduce their water bills by many folds.

Pool covers can help one to reduce the usage of chlorine to keep the pool water clean

According to experts running professional pool cleaning services in El Dorado Hills, homeowners with swimming pools on their property premises can reduce the cost of maintaining the pool by installing a swimming pool cover.

How is that possible?

Well, the water in a swimming pool needs to be treated with chlorine and related chemicals. These chemicals cost a lot of money. Adding a swimming pool cover will reduce the rate at which chlorine and related pool water treatment chemicals degrade when the molecules of the chemicals come in contact with the UV rays of the sun.

This, in turn, will ensure that one would not need to periodically add more chlorine to the swimming pool water thus allowing the person to reduce their swimming pool maintenance costs by many folds.


Whenever one decides to install a manual or automatic cover for the pool in their home, they should call in the professionals like the renowned people running Aquamarine Pools – the leading pool equipment installation, pool cleaning, repairing and general maintenance service providers in El Dorado Hills. To book an appointment, all one would need to do is drop an email at or call (530) 558-2588.

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