How Do You Prevent Pool Algae?

How Do You Prevent Pool Algae?

How Do You Prevent Pool Algae?

Pool algae is common, and it comes in three types. It can be green, mustard, or black, with green algae being the most prevalent in pools.

Typically, green algae float, resulting in a green-looking pool. Though common, green algae are easier to eliminate and prevent.

Black pool algae are usually super stubborn since it attaches to the pool surface. Then, the mustard pool algae clutch onto pool surfaces, making it hard to deal with.

Now, no matter the kind of algae that your pool has, it poses a danger to your health. A bacteria known as E. coli primarily flourishes in algae-infested pools. It also makes the pool slippery, so it's easy for someone to fall into it.

We are here to guide you if you want to avoid the mess pool algae causes. Our blog highlights the top 5 ways to prevent pool algae!

5 Excellent Ways to Prevent Pool Algae

Whether you are already dealing with algae in your pool or want to deduce ways to prevent it from forming, you are in the right place. Here are the steps you can take to keep your pool algae-free!

1. Test for Chlorine Levels in Water

Did you know that sometimes algae can go undetected? The damage might go unresolved for too long unless you test your water.

By testing your pool water, you will know whether it is balanced. Low chlorine levels can make algae multiply quickly.

Chlorine levels should be between 1 and 4 ppm. Add more chlorine and sanitizers if the levels go below this. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional pool service provider to check chlorine levels.

2. Keep the Circulation and Filtration System in Perfect Condition

Another tip to help prevent algae is ensuring that the circulation and filtration systems work well. This means you must regularly inspect and clean water filtration systems so that the water flows smoothly.

3. Clean the Pool Regularly

Skim the water surface to remove debris and dirt. The best way to prevent algae from growing in your pool is by regularly cleaning it. Brush the pool routinely to kill algae spores.

4. Shock the Pool

Even though you might be sanitizing your pool, the sanitizer might only partially deal with the algae. Shocking your pool weekly will help remove the algae that the sanitizer might leave. This also helps prevent potential algae problems before they start.

5. Use Algaecide

Algaecide is a type of pool service aid that is invaluable in the fight against algae growth. This substance is specifically designed to prevent and control algae, which, left unchecked, can cause pool surfaces to become unsightly and unhygienic.

Algaecide also treats existing pool systems, allowing pool owners to reclaim their pool within days. If you experience persistent issues with algae, be sure to contact your pool service professional for help!

If your pool is suffering from algae growth and does not seem to improve, consider getting professional help. Pool upkeep can be difficult and time-consuming - let the experts take care of it for you! They know precisely where dangerous types of algae hide, so they can ensure that thorough cleaning takes place. Perfectly maintained pools make a big difference in keeping them free from harmful bacteria. Aquamarine Pool Service will keep your pool clean and well-maintained. Talk to us for professional pool cleaning and maintenance services.

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