Subtle Signs That State your Pool Needs Repair

Subtle Signs That State your Pool Needs Repair

Subtle Signs That State your Pool Needs Repair

Having a swimming pool at your home is a blessing.

It helps you to cool off or relax after a day’s hard work.

It allows you to have quality time with your loved ones and it is the perfect venue to host a barbeque.

At the same time, the blessing can turn into a curse quickly if you do not take care of the swimming pool and its many parts.

So, how can you tell that the swimming pool at your home needs immediate professional repair?

Well, there are quite a few subtle signs of a pool that is about to get unfit for use.

Some of those signs are as follows

The Water is Dirty

You need to call in the professionals who offer pool repair in El Dorado Hills as soon as you witness that your pool has dirty water in it, even though the pool filters are turned on.

What could be the reason for this?

Well, it could be the inefficient sand filter that is at the end of its operational life. Experts recommend that one should see to it that the sand filters in their pool are replaced after every few years.

Hire a company that offers pool equipment servicing in El Dorado Hills and let them take care of this problem, for the best results.

Until then, refrain from swimming in your pool. You don’t want to get sick from swimming in murky pool water!

The Water is Very Cold

Experts associated with Aquamarine Pools – a veteran company that offers pool maintenance in El Dorado Hills, state that often, pool heaters fail due to a power surge or generic failure of the circuitry within the heater(s).

Other reasons consist of inefficient water flow through the heater or the air inflow of the pool heating system being blocked.

Whichever may be the cause, refrain from fixing it yourself and call in the professionals, for the best results.

The Lights Are Not Working

Hire a company that offers pool light repair and pool cleaning in El Dorado Hills as soon as you see that a few lights in your pool are not working.

It could be a sign that the lighting fixture(s) itself is broken or there is some underlying issue with the electrical wires concealed within the pool.

Whatever may be the cause, avoid getting into the pool until the problem is fixed.

You don’t want to get electrocuted now, do you!?


For the best results, make sure that you are hiring a reputed and veteran provider of pool repair services like Aquamarine Pools. Aquamarine Pools is proficient in offering pool and spa repair as well as maintenance services. The company also offers pool cleaning services. The company serves clients from Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Rescue, and Folsom. Get in touch by calling (530) 558-2588 or by sending an email at You can also visit the headquarters of the company at 2862 Aquamarine Cir, Rescue CA 95672.

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