Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Solar Pool Heating System

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Solar Pool Heating System

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Solar Pool Heating System

Are you planning to install a solar pool heating system in your pool? If that is the case then keep the following things in mind for the best results -

The Solar Pool Heating System Should be Chosen Based on the Size of the Pool

Spokespersons of leading pool solar companies El Dorado Hills, often advise their clients to choose solar pool heating systems based on the size of the pool.

As per experts, the size of the solar pool heating system should be anywhere between fifty to one hundred percent of the pool’s water surface area. In case you live at a location where an overcast day can mean a sudden drop in temperature then you would need to ensure that the solar collector area is similar to the water surface area of the pool. This will keep the overall efficiency of the pool heating system intact and thereby allow you to enjoy your pool for a long time.

Pool heating systems in El Dorado Hills are often installed with solar collectors that measure 450 square feet which are 100 percent of a fifteen by thirty feet average-sized private swimming pool. This measurement should be considered standard, for the best results.

The Existing Pool Pump has to be Replaced as Well

Experts associated with companies that supplies, installs and repairs pool equipment in El Dorado Hills also advise their clients to closely consider the size of the dedicated pump they have for their pool before choosing a solar pool heating system.

Replacing a conventional pool heating system with an energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and modern solar pool heating system should also involve the replacement of the existing pump with a larger one so that the equipment doesn’t run out of breath as it pumps the water in and out of the solar collectors to the swimming pool.

For increased energy efficiency, it is best to invest in a variable speed pool pump. Consult with the experts for more details.

Consider the Type of Roof your Property Has

Before hiring a provider of solar pool heater installation in El Dorado Hills, make sure that the roof of your property has the ability to support the penetrations that will be mandatory during the solar pool heating system installation.

Secondly, ensure that the installation experts are choosing the right spot on the roof of your property in a bid to maximize the capturing of solar energy. You would also need to keep an eye on the tilt and overall orientation of the solar collectors – as it is the only way to make sure that the solar pool heating system you are installing will be able to increase the swimming season for you and your loved ones.


In the end, if you want to make sure that the solar pool heating system installation completes without any incident and the end result will be on par with your expectations then you need to hire professionals who have an impressive online as well as offline track record – remember this!

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