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Your pool is created with the help of a sophisticated system of filters and pumps. These components require maintenance and repairs from time to time to ensure everything is operating at its best performance.

At Aquamarine Pools, our team of certified professionals is trained to do a complete service for all types of pools, so you know you do not have to worry about anything. We provide various pool maintenance services and packages that are specifically designed to keep your pool and water clean for healthy swimming. Here’s what we can do for you.

Our Pool Services

Enjoy Personalized Care Through Precision, Artistry, and Experience

Pool Solar

Keep your pool temperature comfortable year round without the costly electric bills.

Pool Maintenance

Keep your pool looking great and in top shape with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Pool Equipment & Repairs

Professional, On-time, Fair Pricing and Top Quality Work.

A long-lasting choice, these solar pool heaters have a patented design, with adjustable mounting hardware engineered to align on the roof perfectly. Automatic thermostat control can be installed to regulate your water temperature as per your wish. Just set it and enjoy your time!

A solar heated pool can extend your swim season up to 10 months of the year. This means more family outdoor time and hosting pool parties on birthdays or any other occasion.

If you love swimming for exercise purposes, having a solar heated pool will save your money on gym memberships, and you can use it throughout the year. Water aerobics and exercise are amazing for full-body workouts. It has a lot of impact on your joints and will keep you in great shape. Using your pool throughout the year helps you to keep living a healthy lifestyle. Give us a call at (530) 363-6717 and let us help you enjoy all the benefits of solar pool heaters!

We specialize in designing custom maintenance programs for all sorts of swimming pools to suit every client's needs. Some of the pool maintenance services we provide are:

  • Chemical Service - Give us your swimming pool headaches, and you can get rid of those expensive and confusing trips to pool stores to figure out which chemicals to buy. We will test your water and add all the necessary chemicals so that you can be stress-free.
  • Cleaning Service - Leave the cleaning and adding chemicals to us, and you don't have to worry about anything at all. Cleaning the pool generally includes the pump, skimmer baskets, removing leaves, vacuuming, and backwashing.

We can help you with any pool upgrades or repairs. From pumps to heaters, we got you covered.
Here are some of our popular equipment options:

  • Pool Lighting - With the latest LED lighting technology, we bring life to your pool with dynamic and energy-efficient automated lighting products.
  • Pool Pumps - Enjoy the peace with the pump that responds to changes in the environment of your pool. It provides increased energy savings.
  • Pool Cleaners - Swim whenever you want to with our automatic pool cleaners that keep your pool free of any dirt and debris.
  • Chlorine Systems - Keep your pool sanitized automatically with chlorine systems. It's the simplest and most effective way to maintain a clean pool.
  • Control Systems - From your kitchen or your bedroom, you can take complete control of your pool's environment. You can easily switch on water features, lights, and cleaners to have a fantastic pool experience.

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