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Best Pool Maintenance Services in El Dorado Hills, CA (and surrounding areas)

If you are looking for pool service in El Dorado Hills, you are in the right place. We don't just offer weekly pool service, we offer a wide variety of services ranging from pool solar installation and repairs, equipment installation and repairs, plumbing and electrical, green to clean, hot tub service and repair, leak detection, pool/spa inspections, minor pool/spa remodel, i.e., new plaster/pebble and tile and new plaster chemical startups.

Expert Pool Service to Keep Your Pool & Hot Tub Clean, Safe & Healthy

The regular maintenance of your pool can be a daunting task and time-consuming. As beautiful as they seem, there is a lot behind keeping them clean and safe to swim in. Aquamarine Pools will address all your needs and provide routine weekly service for you— we take care of it all!

Aquamarine Pools offers reliable service. We address all your needs and provide clear, clean, and safe water to swim in year-round. 

Services Offered

  • Weekly Service
  • Equipment installation and repair
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Green to clean Algae clean up.
  • Chemical Re-Balance
  • New plaster and tile
  • New Plaster Startup
  • Service Calls
  • New Pool Solar Installations
  • Solar Startup and Winterization
  • Pool Inspections
  • Energy Audits
  • New Home Owner Equipment Orientation
  • One-time pool vacuum

A Safe and Healthy Pool - Water Chemistry

Weekly swimming pool maintenance is vital to owning and caring for your swimming pool. Swimming pools are complex and require regular chemical treatment and proper care to operate effectively and safely. Let Aquamarine Pools take care of the chemical maintenance so you can enjoy your pool.

Swimming Pool Chemicals - El Dorado Hills

Weekly Pool Service in El Dorado Hills

Aquamarine Pools specializes in Weekly Service. Weekly cleaning is a great way to have crystal clear water for your family and friends year-round, not to mention we also offer hot tub services! It has never been easier than with Aquamarine Pool's Weekly Service! 

Residential Pool Service in El Dorado Hills

Pool service is a lot more than just chemical treatment. Residential swimming pool service involves routine equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairing your equipment. Professional residential pool service companies assist from start to finish when it comes to setting up or maintaining your swimming pool and hot tub. A residential service company can help you prevent problems and accidents by monitoring and servicing your home's swimming pool.

Pool Pumps - El Dorado Hills

Commercial Pool Service

If you are looking for El Dorado Hills commercial premier pool service, you have come to the right place. At Aquamarine Pools, we work hard to ensure our customers receive top-notch commercial pool service at affordable prices.

Pool Cleaner El Dorado Hills

Aquamarine Pools is El Dorado Hills' premier pool service providing weekly services for pool, spa, and above-ground hot tubs. Contact us today for all of your pool cleaning needs!

Pool Equipment Repair - El Dorado Hills

Pool Equipment and Repair

We offer a wide variety of swimming pool and spa repairs, including automation controls, pumps, filters, salt chlorine generating systems, gas heaters, leak detection, new plaster, and tile. Aquamarine Pools also does pool solar heating services, such as installing pool solar panels and heat pumps for alternative heating options to gas and electric heaters.

Contact Us Today for a Free Quote!

If you're looking for the best pool service for your El Dorado Hills pool, Aquamarine is here to help with all your pool and equipment needs. We also provide services in Rescue, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, and Folsom. Reach out to our pool experts at (530) 558-2588 and start your journey with us!

Why Use Aquamarine Pools

Anyone can empty skimmer baskets or a pool cleaner bag, but it's the quality and honest service you need from a reliable pool service company like ours. We take pride in providing quality service to our customers.

Pool Solar - El Dorado Hills

Solar and Equipment Service Area

For Pool Solar and Equipment needs, we offer service and installation in the greater Sacramento area, including parts of Placer County and El Dorado County. We are a full-service company for all your equipment, solar, and heating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool on an especially hot day. The water is cool, and you can relax with your friends or family while being cooled off by its surface. You might not want to spend all of your time cleaning up after it though - some people find themselves spending as much $3-5K per year just for basic upkeep!

It takes much more than just adding chlorine to keep your pool pristine- in fact, this only lasts about two hours! Per week is the minimum advised for most pools; each one can require circulation, cleaning chemicals (depending on what type of filter you have), and an occasional touch up with pH balance or algaecide treatment. A dirty pool will look cloudy at best- but by running circulate pumps at least 10-12 hours a day while using appropriate filters during these times.

You should monitor your chlorine and pH levels at least once a week, or every day if your pool is in high use. Total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels can be monitored less frequently.

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